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What is timehook?

Timehook is a SaaS that sends HTTP Webhooks when you want.

Diagram explaining how a basic timehook time line would go

Why using Timehook?

If we want to deal with this kind of tasks, we need to create a message broker, but that could be a pain for developers, as they need to develop some kind of consumer in a daemon fashion to continually asking for messages in some specific protocol and monitor it.

Additionally, performing operations after some period of time, triggering a process time out, or postponing tasks it's tedious, complex and error prone. Some developers use cron as the time handler, but that means they need to implement some kind of CLI tool, and very easily that cron and CLI tool gets cumbersome and cluttered.

The ideal solution? We think that it should be a SaaS — that way we can just delegate every the background task and time problems to another system, which speaks HTTP RESTful API so it works with any programming language.

Use cases

Postpone tasks easily

Freeze an order during 1 hour and then initiate billing and shipping tasks. So customer can cancel order with no penalty.

Increase engagement

After user sign up send a welcome email in 10 minutes, send a how to in 1 hour and send invite friends in 2 weeks.

New marketplace features

Expire offers if sellers do not respond in 2 days.

Refine your workflow

Send discounts to customers with products added to shopping cart and not ordered in 2 days.

Easy development

Tell us when. We deal with time

Just a HTTP request with the elapsed time. No cron jobs or nightmare with infrastructure configuration. Listen webhooks with a guarantee delivery of at least once.

curl -X "POST" "https://api.timehook.io" \
     -H "Authorization: API_KEY" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -H "X-Seconds: 3600" \
     -H "X-Webhook: http://domain.com/timeout-order" \
     -d $'{"order_id": "kmD3j4"}'

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Our DNA is based on event sourcing, test-driven development, domain-driven design and continuous delivery. From the first line of code we have in mind these software approaches to deliver our best quality crafted code.

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